Ford is Working with Law Enforcement to Repair Dangerous Exhaust Leaks in Police Interceptor Utility

In some Police Interceptor Utility vehicles across the U.S., dangerous carbon monoxide gas has been leaking into the passenger cabin from the exhaust. Ford says they know the cause of the leaks, and it does not affect regular Ford Explorer customers.

The Police Interceptor Utility is the best-selling pursuit-rated vehicle in the country. While it is delivered from the factory with many modifications from the Explorer SUV on which it is based, many police departments have further aftermarket modifications installed to customize it for police use.

Ford provides a Modifier's Guide for installing emergency lights and other equipment safely, but these guidelines are not always followed. When holes drilled into the rear of the SUV are not correctly sealed, it can create a path for exhaust fumes to enter the cabin.

Such incorrect seals may be adequate for civilian models, but police vehicles see heavy acceleration during pursuits, and long hours of continuous operation on patrols.

Ford is working with law enforcement departments around the U.S. to make repairs, checking the seals in Police Interceptor Utility vehicles, and updating the software in their air conditioning to provide more fresh air during acceleration.

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