Ford Service: An Automotive Army 35,000 Strong

When your beloved Ford vehicle is in need of maintenance or repairs, do you trust the work of a local mechanic or do you trust the professionally-trained and factory-certified specialists here at our Ford Service Center? Well, if you're not sure, we can assure you that our technicians know your Ford model inside and out, front to back, top to bottom, so you can leave your vehicle in their skilled hands with confidence. Need a second opinion? Take it from Dwayne Johnson in the video below:



Before you schedule a service appointment with us, we urge you to check out our service coupon selection and see if there's any deals or discounts that apply to your needs. If you don't see anything right now, you can check back later as the list is always changing and updating. No matter what, we hope to see you here at our Coeur D'Alene, ID dealership in the near future.

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