Nowadays, the new car purchasing process can be long and fraught with many complications. Drivers who attempt to navigate these waters on their own may do well, but they also run the risk of ending up with less than perfect vehicles. Also known as lemons, such vehicles often develop serious problems soon after purchase, thus plunging drivers into unknown waters. Thankfully, the specialized Ford Certified Pre-Owned system provides prospective drivers with many tools designed to sniff out possible lemons.

One tool that goes far in this regard is the CARFAX Vehicle History Report service. The CARFAX service can identify vehicles that have sustained serious amounts of damage in their pasts. In order to do so, the system searches for several types of damages that include water damage, frame damage, fire damage, and even crash history. Taken together, the specialized reports can give drivers important insights can allow them to avoid buying troubled vehicles.

In addition to the Carfax vehicle history reports, the Ford Certified Pre-Owned service also provides drivers with the security of specialized 172 point inspections. These inspections cover all of the vital vehicle systems such as brakes, airbags, and suspension components. It also covers many other components that are little-known to non-mechanics. This feature provides just another layer of protection for drivers who make the wise choices of buying their next vehicles from the Certified service.



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