Ford Commercial Vehicles Help Local Businesses in Coeur d'Alene Keep Moving

Business on the go is a big part of the like in our area. From places like Rathdrum, Post Falls, and Hayden, ID to Liberty Lake, WA there are companies that rely on a fleet of vehicles to help them get the job done. Here at Mike White Ford of Coeur d'Alene we have commercial trucks and vans for all different business types and can help your business meet its goals with our fleet!

Find the Right Ford Work Truck or Van for You

While we have lots of new Ford and used car options, our work trucks and vans are made specially for business needs. You can upfit each truck or van to specifically cater to your business and help your fleet achieve company goals.

Our Ford commercial trucks includes familiar vehicles like the F-150 along with the Ford Super Duty lineup such as the F-250 and up. You can get a standard fleet pickup truck, while there are also custom finishes such as different configurations where the truck bed would be, like a flat bed, tow truck, utility truck, hydraulic truck and more. With selections like the F-450 and bigger, you can get truly heavy duty lifting for any job that needs to be done using our commercial trucks.

Ford work vans also offer different options. They include the Ford Transit Connect, which is a light duty work van that you can use for a shuttle for passengers, but also it works out great for delivery services and catering. The Ford Transit has multiple sizes with different roof levels, and you can choose factors like how wide the rear doors open. There's also big sliding door options, and inside you can customize the vehicle how you wish. It works out for HVAC and plumbing companies or moving companies as you can store plenty of cargo with organizational racks for all your parts and equipment. The Ford Transit also can seat up to 15 as a transport vehicle, making it a standout for livery and more.

Come Check Out Ford Commercial Vehicles Today

If you're looking to find out more, come in and see us here at Mike White Ford of Coeur d'Alene. Our commercial trucks and vans are here for you to view, and you can learn about the advantages to adding these options to your fleet!