Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500 in Coeur D'Alene

Comparing Pickup Trucks in Coeur D'Alene: Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500

Our Coeur d'Alene dealership recognizes that Idaho drivers have a multitude of pickup truck options. For example, which truck should you chose, the new Ford F-150 or the Ram 1500? Luckily, our team can help you make that decision! At Mike White Ford of Coeur d'Alene, we strive to give you an automotive experience that is fun, easy, and honest. By comparing the Ford F-150 to the Ram 1500 side-by-side, Idaho drivers can better recognize which pickup truck fits their lifestyle. We'll discuss safety, technology, appearance, and overall capability to compare these two trucks. Let's get started.

Safety & Technology

In both the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500, you'll find a sizable screen and Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones. Connecting to the radio and playing enjoyable songs will make everyone in the family happy. Families in Hayden, ID will love bonding together on their way to Honeysuckle Beach. There is plenty of space in the bed for towels, coolers, beach equipment, and anything else you need to adventure around Idaho. Additionally, the Ford F-150 is ranked higher than the Ram 1500 for reliability. It comes with significant safety features designed to keep you and your precious cargo safe. Some of the most notable safety features are:

  • Anti-theft system
  • SOS Post-Crash Alert System™
  • Pre-collision assist with auto-emergency braking
  • AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control
  • Curve Control

The AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control works together with Curve Control to keep all four wheels on the ground if you take a turn too sharply. At the base level, you'll find more safety features in the Ford F-150 than the Ram 1500. While some of these features are available for the Ram 1500, you will pay a pretty penny for the additional safety features. Our Coeur d'Alene dealership believes that safety features should not be an option for Idaho families but instead a given. The Ford F-150 has a better safety score, as well. Not only will you drive a safer vehicle, but you'll also be driving a safer vehicle with advanced safety features: a true win-win.

Comparing Capability

When it comes to towing capacity and off-road ability, the Ford F-150 exceeds expectations. The Ford F-150 is a great option for adventurous Idaho families that haul campers, jet skis, or boats. Although the Ford F-150 weighs less than the Ram 1500, the F-150 can tow up to 13,400 pounds, while the Ram 1500 can haul only 12,750 pounds. The Ford F-1500 offers larger bed sizes than the Ram 1500, as well. Most notably, the Ford F-150 has a ground clearance of 9.4 inches and an approach angle of 24.3°. The Ram 1500 has a ground clearance of only 8.7 inches and an approach angle of 19.0°. Additionally, the Ford F-150 has more front legroom than the Ram 1500: 43.9 inches compared to 40.9 inches. Taller-than-average Idaho folks will appreciate the couple extra inches of room.

Customization and Add-Ons

Our Idaho dealership admires the Ford F-150 for how customizable it is. The Ford F-150 has a more comprehensive list of powertrain options than the Ram 1500. The Ford F-150 also has more options for bed sizes and engines. Additionally, the Ford F-150 starts at a more valuable price compared to the Ram 1500. The options for the Ford F-150 are nearly limitless.

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Our team at Mike White Ford of Coeur d'Alene is knowledgeable and friendly. We are eager to assist Idaho drivers in their search for the perfect vehicle. If you're looking for a safe, reliable, and stylish pickup truck, the Ford F-150 is for you. Visit Mike White Ford of Coeur d'Alene today and test drive this remarkable pickup truck.

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