New Ford Trucks in Coeur d'Alene

New Ford Trucks to See at Mike White Ford of Coeur d'Alene

Deciding to buy a truck is much easier when your choices are Ford models. You have an expansive list of features and functions to check out on any of the Ford models we have in Coeur D'Alene, ID. You're bound to learn a few things that you didn't know before. We're here to give you the details and find you a bargain on any of our new Ford trucks.

Find the Truck You Need at Mike White Ford of Coeur d'Alene

Taking home something more suitable for heavier loads is an easy step. Ford vehicles are synonymous with reliability. And, you can see what Ford offers when you visit us. All you need to do is test drive a truck, and scheduling an appointment only requires a quick call. Mike White Ford of Coeur d'Alene is ready for any questions and to align you to a truck of your dreams.

Power and Performance

Thrust, lift, drag and pull are the performance specs within Ford-made trucks. These vehicles do everything short of driving themselves. Some enthusiasts know about the depth that exists with this car marker. If you're not entirely familiar with the manufacturing of the Ford Motor Company, then start with our tailored guide. We carry the following vehicles for your needs and eager search of power:

The Raptor

The only way to get an off-road vehicle with the reputation of the F-Series is through the Ford Raptor. At first, bystanders will think that it's just a common pickup. This is part of the thrill of driving it around Post Falls, ID. Its flatbed ensures that you're never limited to rugged roads. Though set with a strong suspension and a fresh lift, the Raptor is suitable for common-pickup work.

The F-150

Many of us consider the F-150 as a standard for all pickups. It didn't become Its ability to operate today is a matter of reliability. From the construction site to the family road trip to Hayden, ID, there's an F-150 model that can achieve all of your needs. The only challenge you have is in deciding on one of its six awesome-trim sets. We're here to help you with that when you make the short drive to our Ford dealership near Rathdrum, ID.

The Ranger

Ford thought of all of the potential drivers to hit the road. Its Ranger gives these people the potential of the F-150 but in a smaller package. This makes sense when you factor in that not every pickup goes directly to a construction site. Some families only need enough power to achieve their D.I.Y projects. If you're limited in the time you have to take care of a full-size vehicle, then why not go one step smaller with a Ranger? We think you'll enjoy the ride around Liberty Lake, WA. Compare the Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma to learn even more about the Ranger and what it provides to Idaho drivers.

Ford Super Duty

Here's where Ford really sets the standard for truck makers. Power is the idea behind its Super-Duty line of trucks. You can find the power you need in your truck between any of the Ford Super Duty models. It doesn't matter if you need the common Ford F-150 Super Duty or the highly capable Ford F-450 Super Duty, there's something for everyone's power needs. These are heavy-duty trucks that power it all.

Test Drive Any of Our Available Ford Models Today

When you're ready, we invite you to make the short drive to our Ford dealership in Couer D'Alene, ID, and we can give you more information about any of our available models. We're not just a reliable dealer to do business with; Ford is a truck brand that still breaks the mold and hits record highs every year. Be a part of the promise. Buy a truck that's built tough.