Schedule Ford Service in Coeur D'Alene, ID

Ford provides its customers with a reliable, durable, and capable lineup. One way that drivers in Coeur D'Alene can assure that their Ford vehicle is working properly is to schedule routine service and repairs. Keeping your Ford car, truck, or SUV inspected and serviced regularly will help to make sure it keeps working properly for years, even decades, to come. While it's tempting to take your Ford to a local oil change shop or to a local mechanic, most drivers understand that taking their vehicle to our Ford service department results in professional service completed by those who are specially trained to take care of your Ford vehicle.

What Types of Services Do We Provide at Mike White Ford?

Our local Ford service department offers oil inspections and changes, which you should have changed routinely depending upon how many miles you regularly put on the vehicle. The rule of thumb was once every 3,000 miles; however, many engines now utilize a synthetic oil that needs drained and replaced approximately every 5,000 miles. Be sure to consult your owner's manual for the recommendations for your particular Ford model. When you come to our local service station for an oil change, we will drain and replace the existing oil, plus we will change the oil filter for you.

Our service technicians can change your oil, and we can also inspect the tires, brakes, steering, and the suspension to ensure that your Ford is safe for driving around Post Falls, ID. Other types of vehicle services our Ford dealership may offer include:

  • Checking other systems of the car via the electronic control unit
  • Replacement of the air and fuel filter as needed
  • Checking the battery for the proper levels of water and power
  • Engine tune-ups
  • Checking the health of the vehicle's tires: tread depth, balancing, alignment, pressure

What Are Some Extras That only a Dealership's Service Department Can Provide?

First, your dealership's service department will have a record of every service you've had with their shop. Most local mechanics won't offer this service, and neither will local oil change businesses. An accurate record of service procedures can assist service techs later in diagnosing any possible issues that might come up in the future.

Next, if your Ford vehicle requires a software update, you won't be able to get this at your local mechanic. You will have to visit a Ford dealer to have any computer-related issues corrected or software updates carried out. Drivers from Hayden, ID and beyond can rest assured that our Ford service department possesses all the latest in computer technology to take care of these issues.

Third, only a Ford dealership's service department receives authorization to conduct any recalls on your Ford truck, car, or SUV. Carrying your vehicle to a local mechanic for such a repair can void your warranty, which can be detrimental financially should you need extensive repairs in the future.

Finally, the service technicians at our Ford dealership are specifically brand and model-trained. The service technicians at our department arrive ASE-certified, and you can rest assured that the Ford dealership utilizes only Ford parts to carry out any repairs or service.

Dealership Professionalism

Speaking of professional training, each of the service technicians at our dealership near Rathdrum, ID is professionally trained to service and repair Ford models. This training ensures the utmost in technician knowledge. Not only are Ford service technicians initially trained in maintaining Ford vehicles, but they must also undergo routine professional development by Ford.

Are you considering where to have your next Ford service carried out near Liberty Lake, WA? You can trust that Mike White Ford will properly care for your vehicle.

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